Today, I am Grateful

Today, I am grateful.

I’m grateful for things, both big and small, that have led me to where I stand today. I’m grateful for the tiny blessings I’m constantly witness to- the sunrises in the morning where the moon still lingers in the sky, the handwritten notes left for people to find, the purring of a cat on the foot of my bed. I’m grateful for the hardships that have come into my life like wildfires, making room for new things to grow. I’m grateful for the miracles that have swept in like sudden rainstorms, dotting the earth with pastel flowers, gifts that are hard to recognize in their conception.

I’m grateful for the people who create the foundation for this life- the parents who not only give me a house to live in but a home to stay in. The friends who offer me their unconditional support and unwavering love. The mentors who have taught me so much, asking for nothing in return but the continuation of their words. I’m so grateful for the strangers who make themselves my friends and the friends who make themselves my family.

I’m grateful for my hands, that allow me to write down the blurred thoughts in my head with unexpected clarity. I’m grateful for my feet that move me everyday. I’m grateful for my body and the way it moves, the way it bends and molds into my breath on my mat and stumbles around curiously off of it. I’m grateful for my hair that grows back and my nails that lengthen and my soul that toughens.

I’m grateful for the food that has become my nourishment and not my enemy, my body that has become my being and not my admonishment, my mind that has become my soul and not my sickened harboring. I’m so grateful for the transformations I have made and the steadfast pieces of me that refuse to bend throughout it all.

I’m grateful for the past year of my life, which has felt so long and so short. I’m grateful for the training that not only prepared me to teach, but to live. I’m grateful for the moments I have spent both as a student and a teacher, connecting with yoga and beyond in ways I never thought imaginable. I’m grateful for the people who didn’t think I could do it for the satisfaction of proving them wrong, and for the people who believed in me for the success of it all.

I’m grateful for the long, cold winters that try my optimism and the brisk, hot summers that fuel my passion. I’m grateful for every sunrise’s beginning and every sunset’s end. I’m grateful for the hands that I shaken and the hugs that I’ve embraced.  I’m grateful for the moments spent out of breath from the beauty of what it is I call my life.

Today, and every other day, I am grateful.




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