Harder to Kill

I’m so excited to say that I’m a guest on Harder to Kill Radio this week! This is an incredible weekly podcast hosted and developed by Stephanie Gaudreau, a woman who is a huge inspiration and positive influence in my life. Stephanie is a holistic nutritionist, coach, and athlete who strives to help anyone and everyone become “Harder to Kill”.


Steph’s message of positivity, self-love, and self-improvement deeply resonated with me. When I began my journey back to health after my eating disorder, I really had one goal: to survive, and eventually, thrive. I didn’t like feeling out of control of my own success, and I wanted to take life back into my own hands. On HTTK Radio, Steph interviews people who have done the same, and wants to find out their unique perspective on how to take back their own lives.

I reached out to Steph over the summer, never even considering being on her podcast, because I wanted her to know that her work resonated with me. Her words on self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance were some of the biggest aids on my own journey, and I felt like I owed her some thanks. I shared with her my story, and, having just launched her podcast, offered me an interview spot somewhere down the line. She asked me to email her back sometime that fall.

So I did, and soon after, I was recording my own episode of a podcast I’d poured over before being on it ever became a possibility (or dream).

I’d love to have you give it a listen! In this episode, I talk about my struggles with disordered eating, how yoga made me harder to kill, and the role fearlessly authenticity plays in my life (and how it can enter yours).




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