75 Minute Vinyasa Flow Podcast: Practice with me from your home!


I’m happy to share with you a free, online 75 minute podcast where I guide you through an all-levels Vinyasa Flow class. I have a few 30-minute quick yoga videos on my YouTube channel, but I wanted to offer something more to my friends who live far away or just can’t make it to my class regularly. I also like the idea of a podcast over a video because it authentically represents what I present in my classes: I limit my demoing and try to use my voice as much as possible in order to get students feeling in their body and not focusing on what it might look like in someone else’s.

One of my good friends actually requested a full hour-long class a few months ago, but I never got around to it. Hopefully the extra 15 minutes makes up for the delay, Moya!

This class is Vinyasa Flow, so expect a rigorous, dynamic practice to connect you with your breath and get energy moving in your body. There may even be an arm balance or two thrown in there just for fun.

As I get ready to move to Santa Cruz in a few weeks, I hope my Just Be friends can use this while I’m away, while you’re off own your own travels, or whenever you can’t make it to the studio and need to squeeze a home practice in.

If you enjoy the class, subscribe to my SoundCloud page, where I’ll be uploading more classes over time!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. O I’m so excited!! Haha! Now I can practice with you virtually :O


    1. marisdegener says:

      Let me know when you practice! ❤ This makes me so happy.


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