Everyday Goddesses: Kate DeCoste

I am an activist, traveler, artist, poet, psychology nerd, outcast at times, yogi and yet undefined by all these titles.

I am a human that is constantly moving, constantly changing. I am passionate above anything else. 

I am a work in progress. 

My Top 10 Food Rules

There’s an abundance of diets and rules about what you should and shouldn’t eat, and it was important to me to put something out into the world that would escape some of that diet-culture dogma that gets spread around on a daily basis.

Guest Post: Using Routine to Reduce Waste with The Small Green Home

here is power in routine.

Like a current, it sweeps us along; it keeps us moving forward. In fact, we always wished to establish a solid routine. Waking each morning to make breakfast, packing a lunch, heading off to work… ebb and flow, ebb and flow. Even now, we still desire a strong routine.

But routine can also be negative.

You Are Maris. You Are Not Your Disorder.

Note: This open letter was originally published on The Invisible Illnesses Project. Dear Maris, You’re only 14, but your soul has been weathered by more years than you’ve seen on this earth. From the time you were old enough to walk, you were old enough to worry. You worried about being smart enough. You worried…