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My name is Maris Degener, and I’m a certified yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa Flow- a rigorous, dynamic style of yoga focusing on linking breath with movement for a beautiful, dancelike practice.

Based out of the East Bay Area of California, I’ve been teaching since I became certified at age 16 at Just Be Yoga, Walnut Creek. When not away at school, I teach there on a weekly basis, and would love to have you join the community that started, fostered, and continues to grow my personal practice of yoga. For more information on when I’m teaching and where, visit my current class schedule link above, or follow me on social media (@yogamaris on Instagram, @marisdegener on twitter). I also share fun pictures there of what I’m working on in my physical practice and what I learn on my personal life journey.

My passion is connecting and sharing ideas with others on and off the mat. I’ve been honored to be featured in media outlets such as CNN, Girl’s Life Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, to speak with middle and high school students about eating disorders and mental health, and speak on the podcasts Harder to Kill Radio, Wellness Force Radio, and the Nourished Podcast, and to be a featured speaker in the 2016 Women’s Strength Summit.

I am a social media strategist for Just Be Yoga and Youth Elevate, and love the connections I’ve been able to forge with those in and out of my immediate community. I’m a contributor at Snapfluence, where I write about blogging and connection through social media.

My official resume is available here.



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For inquiries about private classes and more, please email I’ll reply ASAP!

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  1. rhythmiclifeblog says:

    Your amazing. So poised! I’m totally inspired. I’m in my teacher training currently but very much struggling with eating. Thank you for sharing your story, glad I’m not alone (:

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