“Maris Degener is an old-souled hero born from the strength of a young, fighting spirit. She’s a yogi. She’s a teacher. She’s an inspiration to her students, to the young girls she mentors, and to the thousands who follow her on-line. And she’s only 17.

Unlike other films that focus on the horrors of eating disorders and tend to conclude with relapse or death, this film has a hopeful and helpful point-of-view. Maris’s victory and wise-beyond-her years self-awareness becomes our inspiration to embrace our full and faulted selves and live with fearless authenticity. Like Maris, we are all works in progress.”

A film about mental illness, the healing powers of yoga, and ultimately about self-acceptance.
Directed by Laura VanZee Taylor

Starring Maris Degener

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I Am Maris — Coming 2017 from Laura VanZee on Vimeo.

Blogposts About the Movie

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From Maris:Β

First-Cut Reception

“Amazing and powerful.”

“Beautiful, love-filled, joyful, inspiring.”

“An incredible journey as shown in this powerful film that teaches and inspires hope on a healing path to self acceptance and love.”

“Amazing viewing, I am so blessed to be witnessing the beginning of what I am sure will be an incredible journey.”

“As a parent, I was moved by (Maris’s) mother’s eloquent, honest, raw emotions. I could relate to so much of what she said.”