“This was by far the best yoga class I have ever taken! Maris is an angel who makes absolutely everyone feel special and welcome in her class. She is so encouraging and helpful and I would recommend anyone of all ages to take her class!”

“Thank you Maris, for showing us how to be brave and living a life that shows us how to take off those gloves, those layers of protection. We might not be as brave or fast as you, but all of us can continuously work on ourselves and get a little less afraid and feel more of those beautiful, real, unrepeatable moments of life.”

“I enjoy your Yoga classes very much, and each time more deeply. They are truly ’empowering,’ and also clearly furthering happiness

I was so surprised at my 5 seconds of crow pose, never thought that is possible.

And then there are those bits of wisdom that you dispense, and it seems every time they are exactly what I need to hear.

They so often speak right to my heart, and open it, a little more each time.”

“It’s strange to think that someone my age would be a role model to me, but it’s true.”

“I travel a lot, try to do yoga as much as I possibly can, so I find myself taking yoga all over the country many different studios. Probably 50 or more. I guess my point is I get around…your class was incredible. Your poise, clarity, sequencing the reference to gratitude left me dumbfounded. You are marvelous! What a gift the yoga world has in you. For decades to come no less!”

“Thank you so much for the light that you bring to the studio. Your art is so deep and heart centered. I sense that you have been through a lot to get here, and I am grateful for your courage! You are a wonderful human.”

“Powerful, intentional, confident, inspirational sweetness.”

“Best yoga class I’ve ever taken, that was so fun and I can’t wait to return!”

“Hands down, the best class I have taken with OPERs would absolutely take this class over and over again if it did not conflict with one of my classes- I was even considering dropping the class just to take this yoga class.”